Your Success is Our Brand

We know there’s no universal approach when it comes to paint manufacturers—or any industry for that matter. That’s why at U.S. Paint, we have a global team of experts trained to meet the needs of paint companies around the world, from North America to Europe to Asia and beyond. We talked to one of our paint experts about the industry and about our culture so that you may get to know us better and see the fun side of U.S. Paint.

Regional Business Manager David Mercier has been with our company for nearly 16 years and in paint for over 27. We know, right?! Amazing! Mercier enjoys being able to help current and potential customers. 

“I don’t look at what I do as a way to “get over or gain on a customer,” but as a way to help improve their yields. I believe bringing benefit to their production process will create growth for both of our companies,” Mercier said. “This has changed from my younger years, with another paint company, where chasing the sale was the only goal. My move to USP, where this was already the mindset, felt like a better fit for me and the way I do business.”

U.S. Paint offers specialty coatings for niche markets. Whether it’s small-part automotive, power sports, or industrial products we formulate and manufacture paints for individual paint processes. We do not mass-batch like some of our larger competitors, where the customer is expected to take a portion of a large batch and adjust their process to make it fit. According to Mercier, we recognize that our brand is your brand, if that makes sense. “The success, the aesthetics, of our customer’s product is our insignia, it is our brand, and we take the utmost pride in it. We like to think that we’re always more critical about our customer’s finished products than they are themselves. Together, with our customers, we want them to put forth the very best product, every time,” Mercier said.

The majority of Mercier’s customers are power sports and industrial manufacturers. ATVs, hydrographics, and sporting goods make up the lion’s share of his territory with some automotive and general industrial added. Within those manufacturers, he typically deals with engineers on the job. 

Mercier uses regular customer visits and communications to improve the customer processes and help grow their market share. Those visits also work to reach out to new and potential customers. He stays in contact with our Customer Service team and the lab to keep continuous improvement projects moving forward. “My, or you might say “our” process is very “outside”.  We enjoy working, hand-in-hand, with our customers.  We share in the challenges and the successes, together.  We are truly “partners” with our customer, sharing the same goals,” Mercier said. 

In its simplest form, we recognize a need, we spend time investigating and learning about the process and the specific need, we take an ownership in it, and design a solution that will meet or exceed the hope. We present the solution, mutually plan with the customer to validate it, and then implement it together. After implementation, we continually review and work to redesign or to improve upon the original solution. We are terribly critical, always looking for better appearance and better efficiency.

Mercier stays on top of what’s happening in our market by staying current with industry journals and continually speaking with potential and existing customers. He’s active in associations and trade shows. You’ll find that current customers see Nelson and the rest of our team as friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, helpful, valuable … and fun! For us it’s all about the journey. Achieving our customer’s goals is a priority, but we do it while enjoying life and getting to know the people behind the business. Bringing success to new jobs and launches, adding value to our customer’s business, and being viewed as a valuable asset or team member vs. just a supplier motivates us to keep doing a wonderful job.

What motivates Mercier? “Being of service and the sense of accomplishment motivates me. I love being a part of so many teams. It’s almost as if I work for numerous companies instead of just one. When talking to my team back at the office at U.S. Paint, it is common to say “we do this”, or “we do that”, as if I work for the customer instead of U.S. Paint,” Mercier said.

On the job, Mercier loves interacting with and helping customers and he can trust that U.S. Paint’s lab and production areas are responsive and focused on customer satisfaction. We are VERY fortunate here at U.S. Paint, in that we’re not forced to operate within the typical bureaucracy like our larger competitors. We’re not bound by red tape, but can shape our process, our responses, specific to the customer and their unique situation.

“As being part of Sales and Technical Service I want my customers to feel comfortable and confident to come to me with absolutely anything they need. Again, I recognize that my success is tied to my customer’s, we’re in it together, and him/her feel the same way,” Mercier said.

Mercier exceeds expectations in his role with U.S. Paint by building personal relationships and being quick to respond when the customer has a need. This could be calls, visits, coordinating with our production area or lab, and following through beyond resolution. “I, and my colleagues, too, work to implement projects together that will make our main contacts “superstars” within their own company and industry,” Mercier said. “I hope that my contacts within my customers are recognized and valued, and if I can help them with this, we are hugely effective working together.”

Our mission is “to be our customer’s best coatings supplier.” U.S. Paint doesn’t try to be all things to all people. We recognize our value, and we are relentless in bringing that to our partners, every day. We are both big and small. We’re quick, nimble, and custom without red tape. We are absolutely relentless in servicing our customers, we’re not bound by corporate formality procedures, free to make decisions and take decisive action.  On the other hand, we have the resources and research and development of one of the largest and most successful paint companies in the world. Our global partners are world leaders in our industry, giving us access to cutting edge technology and global approvals. It truly is the best of both worlds.

We have a fun group of team players at U.S. Paint that understand the team’s success is their own success. Since our founding in 1931, we have delivered vibrant, ultra-high-quality paints and coatings to manufacturers and applicators around the world. First-hand knowledge of our customers and their processes ensures a consistency not only in product, but in a successful working relationship. We’re ready to work with YOU!