High quality paints & Coatings

Our reputation lives or dies based on the quality of the products and services we deliver. It’s just that simple. Our paints and coatings are front and center on our customer’s products. There’s no hiding from a mistake.

So, at U.S. Paint we’ve spent nearly a century perfecting our design, production, and service processes to deliver quality to our customers.

And all of our customers get access to results of those efforts: laboratories of coatings specialists and state-of-the-art testing equipment, rigorous development and matching of paints and coatings to our customer’s exact specifications, and honest feedback and recommendations on everything from paint line design to environmental impact to logistics.

U.S. Paint Professional TEam

As a U.S. Paint customer, you should expect to be dealing with high-quality professionals at every step:

  • sales consultants with the experience and knowledge to understand your requirements and challenges, and the ability to guide you to the right solutions
  • chemists, engineers, and other technical staff able to work closely with your design and technical teams to formulate the exact coatings needed
  • technical staff on the production side who coordinate internally and with your production process teams to ensure that the coatings painstakingly formulated in the design phase, exactly as required, are easily attained and reproducible in your environment
  • warehouse and other logistics staff that treat each batch of paint and every product with the proper care and handling that comes from years of training and a commitment to our customers
  • testing and analytical services staff providing unparalleled support after delivery, as well as Technical Service on-site Support teams

Developing Products

We recognize that every painting environment is not the same, not even close. And during development, this is always kept well in mind. We don’t see resulting products simply as our own, but a culmination of our customer and us. We perform careful evaluations of the painting process and environment, and this information is incorporated into the development of the product, now designed specifically for that environment.  We achieve this by reproducing our customer’s conditions in the laboratory.

We utilize robotics and Spraymation to remove variability from the application process during development.  We utilize these tools to create unique programs with customer-specific application processes and hardware for each product. We develop products this way to ensure that U.S. Paint products perform consistently and with the largest “workability window”. 

This program is then handed off to our quality control team to ensure the greatest possible batch-to-batch consistency.

Examples of Lab Application Equipment

  • Air-Assisted Airless
  • HVLP
  • LVMP or Compliant
  • Conventional

  • Electrostatic Gun
  • Electrostatic Rotary Atomizers (Bell) (both single or dual shaping air)
  • Fanuc P-Series Robotics