Welcome to U.S. Paint

OEM Automotive Paint  – bring your products to full, vibrant life with paints and coatings manufactured here at U.S. Paint in the midwest, tailored exactly to your needs and specifications. From development to rigorous testing to production consistency to field technical services, U.S. Paint is committed to working hand-in-glove with our customers to deliver coatings in eye-catching colors that bring your products to life.  

See for yourself what sets U.S. Paint apart.

Why U.S. Paint?

U.S. Paint has delivered vibrant, high-quality, specialty paints and coatings for OEMs in the automotive, powersports, and other industries since 1931.  

  • Products & solutions custom designed to your needs
  • Superior color design capabilities 
  • Fast, nimble, & quality-focused 
  • World-class laboratory & testing facilities 
  • Industry-leading booths & spray equipment 
  • Robotic application to meet exacting standards 
  • On-site technical service – where you need us, when you need us 

Our systems are always designed with point of use in mind. Our chemists and formulators work hand in hand with your designers, as well as operators and engineers, to ensure on-line ease of application and workability, every time.

Sister Companies

Kansai Paint is the corporate parent of Kansai Paint Group. Kansai has provided innovative and technologically advanced paints and coatings for over a century.

Helios is the European leader in production of decorative and industrial coatings for mass-transit, heavy industrial, and automotive industries.

Musashi Paint is an industry leader in the technology and production of paints for plastic and metal components of automotive interiors, mobile phones, computers, and consumer electronics.

Global Locations

Our global coatings network includes locations in:

  • USA and Mexico
  • Europe: Austria, UK, Italy, Turkey
  • Asia: Japan, China, Thailand, India, & South Korea, among others
  • Africa: more than a dozen countries in Africa
  • Middle East
  • Australia

Geographic Network

You can rest easy, you’re covered by a GLOBAL COATINGS NETWORK. U.S. Paint is part of Kansai Paint Group, a global network of affiliated companies with a focus on premium paints and coatings. We’re also partners with Musashi Paint Group. These networks extend our capabilities and our access to research and create efficiencies of scale.