Unwavering Technical Service

Every paint application process is unique in terms of its ability to produce parts of a specific size and geometry, at a defined speed, and therefore requires different formulations to perform optimally. This is why we perform careful evaluations of your painting process and environment and is why this information is incorporated into the product development.

Every product is chosen, or developed, specifically to work well within your environment and conditions, and with the largest workability window. Time is valuable, and we are aiming always to shorten validation, PPAP, or dial-in time. We’re creating a situation for success right out of the gate, for every SOP (start of production). We then can follow this work right back to your line or booth, with experienced technicians to ensure a smooth and successful program launch.

Paint Process Application Emulation

During development or selection, we utilize the equipment, hardware, and software that emulates your application environment. Sometimes analysis and troubleshooting cannot be done online due to customer line production demands and schedules, and this application emulation is utilized to recreate your environment. 

Examples of Lab Application Equipment

  • Spraymation for Consistent, Programmable Application
  • Air-Assisted Airless Spray Guns
  • HVLP Spray Guns
  • LVMP or Compliant
  • Conventional

  • Electrostatic Guns
  • Electrostatic Rotary Atomizers (Bell) (Both Single or Dual Shaping Air)
  • P-Series Robotics and Related Software
  • Various Thermal Generation Ovens

examples of variables that affect paint processes

  • Paint Application Type (Gun, Bell, Estat, Conventional)
  • Needle/Nozzle/Tip or Cup Size
  • Fan Air (PSI or Pascal)
  • Atom Air (PSI or Pascal)
  • Fan Width (inches or cm)
  • Rotary Atomizer Speed (RPM)
  • Estat Voltage (KV)
  • Part to Gun Distance (inches or cm)
  • Traverse Speed (inches/minute or mm/sec)
  • Packaging Time Post Bake

  • Fluids (cc/min)
  • Flash Time Between Processes (minutes or seconds)
  • Required Film Thickness (mils or microns)
  • Wet N/V Solids % (per cent)
  • Line Speed (feet per minute)
  • Flash Time Before Bake (minutes or seconds)
  • Bake Time and Temperature (ambient and part C or F in minutes)
  • Dwell Time Post Bake (minutes)

Our customers recognize this difficult but beneficial work, and appreciate the additional steps required to make the ‘marriage’ of paint and process successful.

On-Site Technical Support

U.S. Paint often provides technical staffing at our customers manufacturing sites during the launch of new business platforms, or new models. With our team of chemists, engineers, and technicians, we provide launch support that is industry renown as the benchmark of efficiency and quality. Many of our customers appreciate part-time or full-time on-site technical support.

U.S. Paint technicians work tirelessly on your behalf, beyond SOP, to help optimize your product, your application, and to help educate your staff. It is a partnership in which we share success and pride.