Limitless Possibilities

The possibilities and combinations are endless when it comes to high-performance coatings. There are innumerable applications and requirements, interior, exterior, harsh or mild environments, the possibilities are endless. We understand that the coating we make for you is a reflection of the product you produce, often quite literally.

Dazzling Systems Simply Applied

Sometimes you not only need your appearance to “pop”, sometimes it’s a “feel” you want to convey. Maybe it’s a soft, plush feel for a cozy interior. Or a deep, shifting appearance that conveys motion or depth, even where there is none. Beyond the aesthetics, or performance of these systems, application efficiency is built in at every opportunity. We're known for simplifying a stack where it wasn't thought possible. Or, we can pull a simple stack apart for your design team, making future design variations easy and efficient. It’s your call.

Here are some example applications, but nothing is out of line. If you don’t see yours listed below, contact us – we’ll formulate what you need, to your exact specifications.

Applications & Technologies

  • 1k, 2k, 1k/2k, 2k/2k
    • Low or High Bake
    • Air-Dry
  • UV-Cure
  • Monocoats (Mono-Layer)
  • 2 or 3-Coat Candies
  • Color-Shifting
  • Metallic and Pearlescent Effects
  • Laser-Etch
  • Soft-Touch
  • High Gloss, Low Gloss, or Matte (Flat)
  • DTP (Direct to Plastic, No Adpro)

  • High Temperature Resistant Coatings
  • Hydrographics
  • Heat-Sublimation
  • DTM (Direct to Metal, No Primer, Anti-Corrosive)
  • Chrome-Like Finishes
  • Piano Blacks
  • Anti-Abrasion, High Impact
  • Chemical Resistance
  • UV Stability
  • Flexible Clears
  • Self-Healing Clears
  • High Solids, Low VOC
  • Low or No HAPs


  • AES, ASA
  • PP and TPO
  • GTX

  • PVC
  • Fiberglass, SMC, RIMM, Carbon Fiber
  • Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Various Metals
  • Composites and Alloys