Durable & Protective, with Style

U.S. Paint has customers throughout the industrial world, well beyond the major international automotive and powersports OEMs. We design and provide coatings throughout the performance and function spectrum: from weapons and sporting goods to functional high-heat coatings with aesthetic performance built-in.

We partner with manufacturers, large and small, to provide them with the highest-quality, highest- performing paints and coatings designed and formulated to fit their application process seamlessly.

Quality Paint for Manufacturers

Whether it’s designed for the farm, for the sportsman in the woods, or for the home or office, we develop colors and coating systems to exacting standards that are always easy to apply online, and with reproducible results.

Our customers in the agriculture and construction industries often identify with their brands – and the quality and enduring legacy that brand signifies – through iconic colors that represent consistent and unparalleled quality. U.S. Paint partners very closely with these manufacturers to deliver durable, consistent, and easily replicable paints and coatings.