Responsible Management

U.S. Paint is committed to producing paints and coatings that are environmentally safe, and to integrating sustainability practices into everything we do.

We continually monitor and improve our environmental management system and communicate with our customers to make sure that their expectations and requirements regarding sustainability are met.

It is important to both supply our customers with high-quality specialty coatings and maintain a commitment to a safe working environment.

Environmental Objectives

Our environmental goal is to meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Solar Panels at U.S. Paint in St. Louis MO

We’ve established environmental objectives and targets to support our policy, and to meet the following principles:

  • Compliance: we comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations and implement procedures to assure compliance.
  • Pollution Prevention: we commit to pollution prevention and reducing emissions to air, water, and land; and to the reduction of the generation of waste. U.S. Paint operates within a robust recycling program.
  • Energy & Natural Resources: we strive to use energy and natural resources conscientiously, and we are committed to re-use and recycling.

If you have any questions regarding our environmental and sustainability processes, ask your sales consultant or contact us directly.