Customized Paint System Technologies

Adhesion promoters (Adpro), primers, and sealers are often the foundation upon which a robust coating stack is built. Like all our development, these base layers are selected or developed collaboratively with our customer, often uniquely designed to fit their specific condition, substrate, and end-use.

Our Reputation has Stuck Since Our AdPros Stick

Our extensive knowledge and experience with all sorts of plastic substrates makes U.S. Paint widely known as the industry leader for bullet-proof performance from adhesion promoters.

And we recognize that not all plastics are the ideal canvas on which to paint even if “paint-ready”. From porosity, to mold and splay, sometimes it is necessary to seal off those annoying imperfections to create the perfect surface for the next layer in your system. We design the sealer system required for your process, and your parts.

Some parts designed with high-strength and rigidity, contain imperfections that must be hidden, removed, covered, or smoothed. For nearly a century, we’ve been designing and manufacturing high-build smoothing and sanding primers for applications and environments of all kinds. 2k fast-dry, urethane, epoxy, 1k low or high-bake, we design the system for your needs.

Various Paint Processing Systems

  • Wet on Wet Quick-Flash, Urethane or Epoxy
  • 1k System or 2k Urethane, Bake or Air-Dry
  • Pop-Free, Porosity Sealing Systems
  • Air-Flash, Quick Sanding
  • High Building if Required
  • Primers for Vacuum-Metallized Systems
  • Primers and Edge-Clears for Aluminum Wheels

  • 2k Epoxy Systems
    • Wet on Wet with Urethane
    • Baking Systems
    • Quick Sanding
    • High Building if Required
  • Urethane Quick Dry Sealers
  • Low VOC, Low or No HAPs


  • AES, ASA
  • PP and TPO
  • Nylon
  • Nylon, GTX
  • PVC
  • Fiberglass, SMC, RIMM, Carbon Fiber
  • Steel, Aluminum, Various Metals
  • Composites and Alloys

Market & Applications

  • Automotive Interior and Exterior
  • Powersports
  • Heavy Truck & Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Mass-Transit
  • Appliance, Home, Office