If you know, you know

Customers of U.S. Paint, who we call partners, enjoy superior service in every aspect of our relationship. From concept throughout the product lifecycle, we are there every step of the way. We feel ownership of our partner’s products because we’ve had a hand in it, and we take pride in those products out in the marketplace.

Collaborative Partnerships

Every member at U.S. Paint is proud to see the result of their work on the cool products we see every day out on the street or trail. Each chemist, warehouseman, or service rep knows they helped put that flashy component on the water or in the air, and that it looks cool!

U.S. Paint’s St. Louis facility houses teams of chemists, chemical engineers, and laboratory technicians who work closely day in and day out with your staff.

This plant is also home to our attentive Customer Service Group, who’ll work collaboratively with you on order and inventory management, product planning and project management; warehousing, and final delivery. Our agents take great care in ensuring every customer receives the documentation and co-shipping requirements our customers prefer.

In an age where 800-numbers and technical support website links are replacing personal one-on-one support, at U.S. Paint we’ve never stopped providing our partners with dedicated on-site field support from our highly trained and experienced technicians.

We invest in the latest technology, from logistics and warehouse management, to research, development and testing. We invest in our partners’ futures as well as our own. Upgrading and updating production and warehouse space is an ongoing process, such as rebuilding warehouses and tank-farms in order to incorporate the latest in technology, adding efficiencies such as narrow-aisle space-saving racking or the latest in digital microscopic technology.

Paint Services

  • Specification Performance Testing and Reporting
  • Product and Application Troubleshooting
  • On-site Technical Services
  • Root-Cause Investigation and Reporting
  • Defect Identification and Analysis
  • Custom Design and Development

  • Facility, Process, Paint Kitchen and Paint Line Design Consultation
  • Custom Product Processing and Manufacturing
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Paint and Application Education (Paint 101)

These paint services are just some of the services we are happy to provide to our partners. Be sure to ask our experienced paint team if there are services you need that are not listed here. We are proud of our facilities and welcome any of our partners and customers at any time.