High Performance Paint and Coatings

High performance paints and coatings are a premier choice for OEMs and industrial use. They are durable, extremely resilient, repellant, and easy to maintain. However, not every option is created equally. When it comes to choosing a high performance paint or coating for your company, quality matters.

Extraordinary products take time, and our staff at U.S. Paint dedicates hours of research and testing to create high-performance paint and coatings that work for all of our customers. In this blog, we’ll cover the importance of durable paint and coating, testing processes, and our commitment to creating truly remarkable products.


Why are high-performance paint and coatings so important? Your products deserve exceptional quality, so we provide industry-leading paints and coatings to give you just that.

When it comes to consumer goods, paint needs to be able to handle expected wear and tear. Weather conditions, environmental elements, chemical exposure, and frequent use can all affect the condition of paint and coatings. An ineffective paint job on a large amount of inventory could result in profit loss, customer dissatisfaction, and poor product or brand reputation. Overall, high performance paints and coatings lead to an extended surface-life of products and goods.

After our paints have been created, one of the most important parts of the painting process is application. Not every paint adheres or reacts in the same way, and our team of professionals are experts at knowing which paint works best for different types of materials. Poor application on the wrong material could lead to a variety of problems, including adhesion, color-fastness, mottle, and poor appearance.

Multi-step quality control checks ensure that every batch of customer products meet our standards for high performance. Companies that choose to work with U.S. Paint learn the importance of high performance paint and coatings when they see the results. We enable companies to drive revenue growth by offering the lowest Total Part Cost compared to other vendors. We also help businesses sustain a competitive advantage by speeding time to market and providing smooth, durable finishes.


It’s easy to say that quality and durability are important to us, but we like to show our customers first-hand how we create products made to last. At U.S. Paint, we’ve established in-house testing labs equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a team of chemists and other analytical specialists. Our labs and dedicated staff rigorously test paint and coatings for a variety of simulations and specifications, including weatherability, road conditions, and UV wavelengths.

Some of our testing capabilities include:

physical property testing   weather testing

We’ve established high standards for our commercial paint and coatings because we know your products deserve the best. Our extensive testing procedures ensure that all of our high-performance paint and coatings meet the following expectations:

  • Mechanical abrasion, impact, and physical damage resistance
  • Water, fuel, solvent, or chemical resistance
  • Light reflectivity
  • Heat absorption/resistance
  • UV and weather resistance
  • Superior quality and appearance
  • Buffability and repair
  • Re-coat ability
  • Safety and environmental requirements
  • Application parameters
  • Accurate and undeniable replication

Learn more about how we meet the above expectations by reading our previous blog on “The Role of Advanced Coatings in Integrated Design.


At U.S. Paint, our teams become familiar with each customer-specific process. This ensures that we meet the demand, workability needs, and ease of application for all of our projects. Every complex and detailed requirement is taken into consideration and completed to meet OEM standards. We don’t just learn the expectations of our customers, we do what we can to exceed them.

As one of our customers, you can expect personalized communication, hands-on service, and acute attention to detail. All of our customers and projects are given one-on-one attention through each phase of interviews, discovery, development, application, and launch. Open communication is maintained throughout the entire process so we can be proactive with feedback, adjustments, and the final result.

With every project, we offer high performance paint and coatings from high-quality professionals. The staff at U.S. Paint works to provide our customers with excellent support and superior customer service. Let us help you get your systems looking better, performing better, and standing out against your competition.

Interested in more information about high performance paints and coatings? Give us a call at (314) 621-0525 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to partnering with you.