A Safer Environment

As a company whose products have been used around the world, we share a commitment to protecting the world and its inhabitants. We've set an industry example, staying ahead of VOC emissions requirements and complying with the most stringent air quality standards. In addition, we work closely with our customers to develop products that comply with their corporate environmental objectives and are an industry leader in the production of HAPS free and low voc paints.

This same concern for the environment means we maintain a safe, quality workplace as well. We continually monitor air quality, not just meeting, but staying below required OSHA PELS (permissible exposure limits). We are committed to providing a workplace for our employees in which recognized hazards are controlled. Safety is our first priority. Our goal is to have an accident-free workplace. We not only investigate accidents to determine and eliminate the root cause; we also analyze near miss incidents to prevent potential future accidents.

We focus on increasing safety awareness through continuous training efforts. In addition to OSHA-required initial hazardous chemicals training, we insist on yearly refresher courses. Employees are empowered to alert management about any safety hazards or concerns. Everyone takes an active role in monitoring and eliminating potential hazards. This involvement increases awareness, develops ownership, and improves safety. Together, our employees help keep our standards not just at the letter of the law, but above and beyond.

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