Adhesion Promoters, Primers, and Sealers

Adhesion promoters, primers, and sealers are often the foundation upon which a robust coating stack is built. Like all our development, these base layers are selected or developed collaboratively with our customers, the original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs. Each layer is often uniquely designed to fit its specific condition, substrate, and end-use.

Adhesion promoters, sometimes referred to as coupling agents, are bi-functional materials that increase adhesive strength between the coating and the substrate. Unlike priming systems, adhesion promoters are generally applied at thinner film thicknesses. An adhesion promoter’s effectiveness depends on both the substrate and the adhesive being used. Surface pretreatments, such as solvent cleaning or mechanical etching and corona treatment, can be used with adhesion promoters as part of a pretreatment method. Adhesion is one of the most important properties of both decorative and protective coatings.

The word ‘primer’ means ‘first.’ In this case, it is the first coat to be applied to the surface to be coated. The primer is the most important coat of paint a substrate receives. The final paint system is totally dependent on the primer during its job. The primer will only be able to perform well if the surface preparation has also been done well.

  • Primers are the anchors for the new paint system.
  • A primer is wasted if surface preparation is not thorough.
  • OEMs take time to ensure all surfaces are thoroughly clean and free from contaminants.
  • OEMs remove sharp edges from the substrate wherever possible.

Think of sealer as an insurance policy. Sealer takes care of many problems. It creates a bond between properly sanded primer and the basecoat paint. Sealers help the paint stick and reduce the chance of having the topcoat paint run. Sealer fills those light sand scratches and can diminish very slight imperfections. The sealer also helps to “seal” the surface. The edges of the layers that were sanded through tend to heal under a coat of sealer. If sealer was not used, they might show up through the topcoat. Sealers are an important part of ensuring true colors and long-lasting quality.

When it comes to OEM, designing with point-of-use is a top priority for our team. U.S. Paint works with OEMs to create customized paint formulas and industrial coatings that work for a variety of industries, powersports, equipment, vehicles, and more. We have experience creating and manufacturing precise color matches with the OEM’s exact specifications. Chemists and formulators design our superior quality paints to be vibrant, durable, and reliable.

We strive to be the most dependable, trouble-free part of the entire manufacturing process. We don’t see adhesion promoters, primers, and sealers as merely a necessary step — we see them as an opportunity. An opportunity to keep production running more reliably, OEM orders fulfilled, and the bottom line moving accordingly.

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