When it comes to customizing products to satisfy our customer’s needs, It can't work, is a phrase our team won't accept. We don't create off the shelf products. The mission is to understand the customer's problem and create a solution.

Our research team made U.S. Paint the first company in the U.S. to sell urethane coatings. They have developed an entirely new technology for resins and created timesaving processes such as the conversion of tri-coat colors into a two-coat application.

Because of our reputation for cutting-edge custom solutions, many suppliers come to us first with their newest raw materials. Our ability to work with these new materials, before our competitors, enables us to offer you the very latest product developments.

Our multi-step, stringent quality control process includes testing 100% of our raw materials before manufacturing assuring our customers of the highest quality product.

We test outcomes using the batch panel creation method under conditions that mimic each customer's specific use.

And, we continue monitoring during manufacturing with:

  • FTIR/GC testing
  • BYK Gardner Wave Scan
  • X-Rite Colorimeter
  • Carbon ARC
  • Xenon Weatherometers
  • QUV machines for accelerated weathering testing

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