Paint for Metal

Most paint manufacturers develop paints designed to work on a variety of metals for the most common processes and environments.  They make them in large quantities and sell the same basic product to everyone. Unfortunately, for those processors who struggle making these standard paints work for their particular application, the challenges can be great. We have designed painting systems
for most types of steel and aluminum. We have also developed great
systems for use on titanium. 

Surface preparation is a key in any painting project. The location of the object to be painted, the tools available to prepare the surface, and the environmental restrictions all play a role in how a metal can be prepared for painting. U.S. Paint can help you determine the best surface preparation allowable and match this with a primer that is both suitable for the metal, compatible with the surface preparation, and appropriate for the ultimate use. Often primers are not required and Direct To Metal (DTM) topcoats can be applied after treating the steel with zinc or iron phosphate, or anodizing an aluminum substrate. For example a High Temperature muffler application over steel would not require a primer. Stainless steel and galvanizing may only require a wash primer.  Let U.S. Paint help you with your process and build you a painting system that is economical, long lasting and brilliant.

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