Paint Primer

Paint primers are used in the plastic coating process to conceal mold marks and smooth out other surface irregularities as well as protecting the substrate from deterioration.  Typical primers come in solventborne and waterborne forms and are usually paired with specific basecoats to meet the application’s specific requirements.

U.S. Paint excels in the design and manufacture of customized paint systems that meet the physical property, weatherability, and workability specifications of our customers. By controlling all variables in the process, we can ensure our paint systems perform in an optimal manner in your process. U.S. Paint experts are on site to answer any questions pertaining to a variety of different primer technologies, including:

  • Polyurethane primers
  • Epoxy primers
  • Acrylic primers
  • Vinyl wash primers

Through the use of a more customized primer, U.S. Paint was able to help Yamaha condense a 4-step painting process into a less costly and more environmentally friendly 3-step process.

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