Metallic Paints & Coatings

The popularity of metallics in paint makes them a mainstay for most vehicle manufacturers and U.S. Paint has earned a reputation for producing some of the highest quality and most attractive metallic coatings on the market. Rather than pushing off-the-shelf coatings to our customers, we engineer our formulas to accurately reflect the application.

We’ve also earned a reputation for developing extremely stable paints that stand up to the rigors of industrial recirculation systems. To ensure quality, when necessary we run our metallic paints through an internal recirculation system that tests its ability to resist degradation.

It is not only the quality of our metallic paints that differentiates U.S. Paint from others in the industry, but our ability to match colors in a timely and efficient manner truly distinguishes us.

Subaru America
Today’s automobile exteriors are a combination of numerous metal and plastic components manufactured and painted by a variety of suppliers with different painting processes and application environments. Due to U.S. Paint’s ability to effectively develop custom paint systems for each supplier’s substrates, painting process, and operating environment, suppliers are not forced to continually alter their application process. The result is more efficient painting operation throughout the Subaru supply chain that yields lower overall costs and a much more seamless appearance among components.

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