2K Polyester Urethane Basecoats

U.S. Paint’s two component Polyester Urethane Topcoats offer great advantages over conventional paints. Because of their high cross-link density, you get better chemical resistance against commonly used compounds like hydraulic fluid.  The coating is extremely tough and mar-resistant.

These products have very high gloss and gloss retention, so high that most often they are used without a clearcoat. Originally used in the marine and aerospace industries, they can be used on properly primed plastic or metal when a tough and brilliant finish is required. For this reason, they have been used extensively in the Carnival business.

Formulas are customized for your use and are available in high-chroma and low VOC versions.  Best of all, they can be applied in ambient conditions with no heat required for curing.  Our Polyester Urethanes delight customers.

Amusements of America

The U.S. Paint Epoxy and PK Polyester Urethane topcoat that we used was not cheap, but well worth the investment. Our roller coaster had the manufacturer’s original paint scheme since its purchase in 2000. I believe the quality and high gloss effect of the U.S. Paint product is far superior to what the manufacturer originally applied. Thanks again for all your help in making the coaster refurbishment a success. 

Dominic Vivona, Jr.
Amusements of America
Englishtown, NJ / Princeton, FL

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