Fighting extreme weather with specialty coatings

When we apply specialty coatings, we do so with the expectation of some performance benefit. The good news is, U.S. Paint’s range of protective coatings can safeguard surfaces against corrosion, chemicals, salt attack, extreme temperatures, and much more.

Specialty coatings are protective primers, paints, and sealants that can have marine, industrial, commercial, and residential applications. These protective coatings are designed for superior performance under inclement weather and conditions.

We ensure that our specialty coatings are working as expected by applying them using the correct methods. Many coatings are sensitive to environmental conditions before the initial curing process. Following this process, they become truly “all-weather.”

During a coating project, temperature is a factor in the following ways:

  • The temperature of the coating material itself
  • The temperature of the substrate to be coated
  • The temperature of the surrounding air

We recognize cold temperatures are more likely than warmer ones to cause significant issues with coatings, especially where it concerns the adhesion of the coating to the substrate being treated.

Most of our coatings are formulated specifically for application at temps above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Below these temperatures, necessary chemical reactions between the hardener and base or resin can be impeded. Evaporation of solvents in the coating can also be adversely affected by cold weather. A wide range of aesthetic issues might result. Discoloration, blushing, and loss of gloss are all common.

All paints, activators, and accelerators should be stored according to the recommended storage temperature on the packaging, usually between 60° and 80° Fahrenheit. This improves mixing and makes applying the product easier. Packaged coatings that have been exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time may fail to adhere and need to be replaced.

Top Uses for Specialty Coatings

Marine Applications

Developed specifically for underwater environments, marine specialty coatings are available in a dazzling assortment of paints, primers, epoxies, and hardeners to keep boats and watercraft in top condition. Marine paints and primers provide premium underwater adhesion, bonding, and curing, and are designed for optimal performance.

Industrial Applications

Created for industrial vehicles, machinery, and equipment, these specialty paints, primers, sealants, and topcoats are designed to meet the high-performance requirements of aluminum, steel, copper, and metal substrates. These coatings contain anti-corrosive pigments to extend the surface life of metals and machinery and protect surfaces from natural weathering.

Residential & Commercial Applications

Interior and exterior paints, primers, coatings, stains, and finishes are available in an array of colors. Specialty coatings for wood barns, garage floors, doors, siding, concrete, and pools are available.

At U.S. Paint, we use the highest quality of paint to deliver coatings that fit your unique needs for your business. We believe that no project is complete without a quality coating to ensure durability and longevity for your surface. To achieve this vision, we have relationships with industry leaders for interior and exterior projects. Through specialized consultation services that are completely free, we provide not only an estimate but recommend the right coating for the right weather. Give us a call today!