Customized Coatings vs. Off-The-Shelf Products

Every painting environment is different. This means one-size-fits-all solutions like off-the-shelf paint are not the best choice for the average OEM. While they may be the easy choice, off-the-shelf products don’t take into account the unique needs of your paint department and clients. 

That’s the main selling point of U.S. Paint. We are a big company that operates like a small one, which means that there is little red tape and little bureaucracy in getting the OEM what they need most — solutions customized specifically for each customer, and each of their different paint lines and applications.

U.S. Paint has laboratories of coatings specialists and state-of-the-art testing equipment, rigorous development and matching of paints and coatings to our customer’s exact specifications, and honest feedback and recommendations on everything from paint line design to environmental impact to logistics.

We understand while an OEM may select one color for a vehicle or piece of equipment, it may take a dozen different formulas to create the exact color at each paint line in each location. Our competition may make one batch of paint, but that leaves applicators struggling to match the color needed on many different paint lines.

With regard to paint and coatings, workability is the applicator’s ability to achieve similar results with many varied inputs. The greater the variability, while achieving the same result, equates to high or wide workability. A good manufacturer shoots for the widest window possible, because it frees up the customer and their process, especially if they are without very tight controls. U.S. Paint prepares different formulations so that all the applicators arrive at the same color within the widest workability window possible for their environment. 

We don’t see resulting products simply as our own, but as a culmination of our customers and us. We perform careful evaluations of the painting process and environment, and this information is incorporated into the development of the product, now designed specifically for that environment. We begin by reproducing the OEM’s conditions in our own laboratory, but then working diligently within the actual application to tweak and optimize the workability window.

Customization and tailored products depend on the OEM’s production line. Sometimes they need to process more quickly. Variations in line-length, cure-process, and space constraints mean the customer requires very specific attributes. We then tailor the product to fit those specific needs. We will maximize the positive performance of the coatings while meeting or exceeding their requirements for processing.

Let us improve your experience from off-the-shelf products to more professional coating solutions. We work every day to develop and deliver paints and coatings our customers have trusted for more than 90 years. Most of our chemists, engineers, management, and sales team have been with U.S. Paint for years. First-hand knowledge of our customers and their processes ensures consistency in the product and in a successful working relationship.