U.S. Paint Helps Subaru America Achieve Color Harmony

The automobile industry has traditionally been serviced by paint suppliers who developed large batches of standard colors for auto manufacturers who then specified these paints to their component suppliers.  Theoretically, this made perfect sense since the paint manufacturer would achieve huge economies of scale in the production process and could ensure that all paint leaving the plant was consistent. 

Today’s automobile exteriors, however, are a combination of numerous metal and plastic components manufactured and painted by a variety of suppliers with different painting processes and application environments.  Trying to use a single paint to accommodate all of these processes and surfaces forced suppliers to adjust their processes which increased costs, reduced throughput and inevitably reduced the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

By working with U.S. Paint, Subaru of America developed a more effective process.  Capitalizing on U.S. Paint’s ability to effectively develop custom paint systems for each supplier’s substrates, painting process, and operating environment, Subaru’s suppliers are no longer forced to continually alter their application process.  Instead, U.S. Paint engineers work with each supplier to develop specific formulas for their particular process and substrates.

The result is more efficient painting operation throughout the Subaru supply chain that yields lower overall costs and a much more seamless appearance among components.  Insignia paints not only provide color harmony for Subaru vehicles, but help promote harmony with its suppliers.