Customized Solutions

At U.S. Paint, there is no such thing as an off the shelf paint or coating. Unlike other companies, we custom build paint systems, to meet your specific needs. It's a solution-based approach, made possible by close customer contact and early involvement in problem solving. Our goal is to work within your process to effectively improve your paint line operations, as well as the look and performance of your products.

Our focus allows us to invest the time in servicing our customers. Our personnel working on-site with our customers, provides them the attention they need to achieve the desired results.

Our commitment for innovation to customer’s production paint lines is paramount to our success.  

Innovations include:

  • Reduction in number of coats needed
  • Wet on wet systems
  • Better hiding basecoats
  • Easy reparability and finessing
  • Wide workability windows

Our brilliant finishes add value and awareness to our customer’s products by enhancing their appearance.

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