A Thank You to Our Customers for Choosing U.S. Paint

As 2022 comes to an end, we’d like to extend a thank you to all of our customers this year. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Original Equipment Manufacturers and industrial partners around the globe. U.S. Paint would not be what it is today without the partnerships we’ve established throughout the years.

Part of the philosophy of U.S. Paint is our shared team values. Along with ongoing appreciation for our customers, the following principles are considered in everything we do.


U.S. Paint was founded in 1931 and has provided high-quality paints and coatings to customers around the world. Rooted in St. Louis, Missouri, we’ve helped automotive, powersports, and general industrial clients discover new possibilities for paint for nearly 100 years. The U.S. Paint team has grown over the years, thanks to customer collaboration. This has allowed our company to progress as a team and reliable paint partner.

Today, advanced technology and labs enable our chemists, engineers, managers, and salespeople to produce and promote some of the best performing paint and coatings on the market. Our company continues to grow and expand. Each department meticulously works together to ensure the success of our clients’ projects.


Our mission is simple: to be our customers’ best paint supplier. From teamwork within our facility to transparent communication, we work with our customers to meet and exceed their goals.

One of the best parts about working with U.S. Paint is that every customer is treated with respect and acute attention to detail. You won’t have to worry about your questions or concerns going unanswered. We’re able to provide one-on-one service and deliver exceptional quality.

It is also our mission to contribute to a cleaner environment through sustainability efforts. Environmentally safe paints and coatings are an integral part of providing customers with ecological products. Taken straight from our sustainability page, the following principles have been established to support our environmental objectives:

Compliance: we comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations and implement procedures to assure compliance.

Pollution Prevention: we commit to pollution prevention and reducing emissions to air, water, and land; and to the reduction of the generation of waste. U.S. Paint operates within a robust recycling program.

Energy & Natural Resources: we strive to use energy and natural resources conscientiously, and we are committed to re-use and recycling.

It is our belief that high performance paints and coatings can be manufactured to be high quality and sustainable. We strive to be the best paint supplier for our customers through superior service, reliable products, ongoing learning, and environmental responsibility.


Whether your company is a past, present, or future customer, the U.S. Paint promise remains the same. We promise to be your reliable industrial paint supplier focused on the success of your business and products.

Our teams strive to create, test, and use long-lasting, high-performance paints and coatings that surpass expectations. The support team at U.S. Paint is always available to do what is required and necessary to ensure complete customer satisfaction. No matter the size of your company, every project is carefully curated through innovation, teamwork, and continuous improvement.

Transparency in our processes is another promise we uphold with our customers. To learn more about how we operate, check out one of our following blog posts:

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We know actions speak louder than words, so let us show you how U.S. Paint can be your premier specialty paint and coatings partner. We take our mission – “To be your best Coatings Supplier” seriously. Our staff ensures our words, actions, and customer relationships exemplify that.

To all our customers, thank you again for choosing to work with us. We look forward to a new year of partnering with our clients and providing the most efficient and cost effective coating solutions.

Interested in partnering with U.S. Paint? Give us a call, fill out our contact form, or schedule an appointment to stop by our facility and meet our staff.

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