Honda Motorcycle Paints

Due to our longstanding partnership as the paint and coatings supplier for the Motorcycle Division of American Honda Motor Company, we manufacture and sell Honda’s approved motorcycle paint in smaller quantities for aftermarket applications.

The basecoat and clearcoat coatings are the same OEM paint systems that give Honda motorcycles their lustrous, wet-looking finish right off the line and meet Honda Engineering Specifications (HES) testing standards. Custom builders and paint shops throughout North America are using these paint systems for a wide-range of applications due to their workability and ease of application.   


U.S. Paint Code Color Description Honda Paint Code
J1509  Stream Silver (Metallic Silver) NH469M
AF1337 Mat Altair Silver Metallic NHB38M
AJ1062  Portland Gray Metallic  NH-A45M
AJ1063  Billet Silver  NH-A27M
AJ1076   Pewter Silver Metallic NH-A54M 
AJ1154   Stallion Silver
AJ1167  Digital Silver NHA30M
AJ1170  Matt Bullet Silver (requires low gloss clear AF3070) NH389
AJ1233  Force Silver Metallic  NH-411M 
AJ1259 Titanium Blade Metallic YR316
J2502   Black (Candy)  NH1Z
AJ2038  Nebulous Black (Candy) NH-A73M
AJ2031 Matte Black Semi-Gloss NH105
AJ2057  Stallion Black 
AJ2078  Vivid Black (H-D) 
AJ2061  Graphite Black NH-B01
J5505   Illusion Blue P44P
AJ5057   Nova Blue Metallic PB-356M
AJ5077   Newport Blue B-192M
AJ5078  Columbia Blue Metallic  B-191M 
AJ5102  Monterey Blue Metallic   B-205M
AJ5126   Glint Wave Blue Metallic B-197M
AJ5131  Stallion Blue
AJ5195 Pearl Spencer Blue PB-308P
AJ1042   Pearl Challenger Brown (Titanium Silver) Y181P
AJ6059  Mesquite Brown Metallic  YR-292M
J7512N  Illusion Red R259P
J7517  Durango Red Metallic  R-274M
AJ7023  Bloodstone Red (Black Cherry Candy)  R-287M
AJ7032  Flare Red  R-288
AJ7036  Kelly Magenta (Candy) RP-166M
AJ7057  Cabernet Red Metallic (Candy) R303M
AJ7067  Caliente Red (Candy) R-325
AJ7095  Stallion Black Cherry (Candy) 
AJ7096  Stallion Candy Red 
AJ7104   Bordeaux Red Metallic R337M
AJ7158 Magna Red R201
AJ7171 / AJ7172 Candy Prominence Red Base Coat R-342C
AJ1232 / AJ7138  Candy Spectra Red R-176-C
AJ1237 / AJ7141 Candy Alizarin Red R-345C
J8502 / J8503 Pearl Glacier White NH-326P
AJ8044  Glacial White NH-A29
AJ8081 / AJ8082 Pearl Alpine White NH-452P
AJ8099 / AJ8100 Stallion Tri-Coat White
AJ8142 / AJ8143 Fadeless White Pearl NH-341P
AJ8192 / AJ8193 Pearl Glare White NH-B53P
J9503  Sunburst Orange (Pearl Orange)(2002 Orange) R232P
J9506  Candy Orange (Jupiter Orange)(2003 Orange)  YR-236M
AJ9055  Topeka Gold YR248M
AJ9063  Crucible Orange (Candy) YR-275M
AJ9075 / AJ9076 Hot Rod Yellow Y130P
AJ9084  Stallion Yellow
AJ9096  Stallion Orange
AJ9109  Matt Axis Orange (requires low gloss clear AF3070) YR256M
  Specialty Products  
AJ3036 High Build Clear  
NP1177 Gray Epoxy Primer Base   
F6155 FRP Primer