Color Shifting Paint

Color shifting paints are created by using unique, multi-layer pigment flakes that give paints and coatings the ability to change color when viewed from different angles. Each flake exhibits a wide range of hues depending on the angle at which it is viewed and the angle of incidence of light – a dramatic color shift that is even achievable in low-light environments.

These ChromaFlair™ pigments are highly chromatic, durable and easy to incorporate. They are well suited to all types of applications. Basecoat, clearcoat, and tricoat systems have been formulated using solventborne, waterborne, and two component refinish systems.

Paints formulated with these pigments are being widely used in the automotive and consumer products industries as well as a growing list of other products. There are seven standard colors that exhibit the following appearances.




Red through Orange and Yellow into Green


Silver through Green into Purplish Blue


Gold to Blue Silver


Green through Blue and Red into Orange


Cyan through Purple into Red Orange


Blue through Purple to Warm Red


Magenta through Red, Orange and Gold into Yellow


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